How to Build a Volcano

They’re the most awesome force of nature that can destroy towns…or whole civilizations. So why can’t scientists yet predict when volcanoes are going to erupt? In a quarry in Canada a team of experts team up with builders, engineers and special effects experts to create the world’s largest working model of a volcano…in order to try finally to work out why eruptions happen. They create a monster 50 feet tall that spews hot ash and something that looks a lot like lava. Stand back!

For Discovery Canada/Nat Geo US/Channel Five
Director, Julian Jones; EP, Malcolm Clark; (c) Twister Films

Mind Over Money

What would make someone pay 30 dollars for a 20 dollar bill? How can your social security number determine how much you’d pay for a bottle of wine? Why did an entire country bet on the soaring prices of a single type of flower, almost bankrupting itself in the process? Just some of the fascinating questions this one hour special for PBS’s flagship science strand, Nova, aimed to answer.

For ‘Nova’ PBS
Director & Writer, Malcolm Clark; (c)
 Twister Films

Living in a Parallel Universe

They’re the strangest idea in all of science and yet…new evidence suggests they’re real; and the implications are mind-boggling. Parallel universes means that there are infinite copies of you and they all think they’re the real one. Welcome to the edge of reality where fact really is stranger than fiction.

For National Geographic
Director & Writer, Malcolm Clark; (c)
 Twister Films